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Mushroom Products that support your health, wellness, and vitality. Engage with life to the fullest, with mushrooms as your ally. 

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Happy Mushroom Co.

Happy Mushrooms, Happy People, Happy Planet.

Quality mushroom products support happy people. Happy people have the capacity to make an impact that will help our world thrive. Embark on your mushroom journey now and make your impact great. 

About Us
Happy Mushroom Co.

We’re dedicated to sustainability at every step.

Happy Mushroom Co.

100% Mushroom Fruit Bodies used for all of our extracts

Happy Mushroom Co.

All mushrooms grown organically by us, or wild foraged in the USA.

Happy Mushroom Co.

We test all of our products at a 3rd Party Lab to ensure quality and purity.

Non-Psychedelic, you’ll only be high on life.

From Our Customers

I've enjoyed happy mushroom co.’s lion’s mane blend for about a month now. Since I've started using it I have a noticeable increase in energy and clarity and it has become an easy part of my morning routine.

Kelly Aguilera

I have been using all of the mushroom tinctures for my cancer. And I’m very happy with these products.  I have endometrial adenocarcinoma. And I believe this has helped to keep my ctcs (circulating tumor cells) stable. I will continue to use this on a continuous basis. Great tinctures. I’m glad I found these.

Linda Willis