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Daily Defense Kit

Reinforce your immunity and balance your body with Turkey Tail, Reishi, and Chaga tinctures
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Discover the power of nature's pharmacy with this trifecta of mushroom medicine. Reinforce your immune system, balance your body, and rejuvenate yourself from the inside out with our immunity bundle.

How to Use

Take 1ml of each tincture with included dropper onto the tongue or mixed in a drink 1-3x daily. Shake well. Be well.

*Recommended to increase dose for fighting acute sickness - up to 3ml of each per day*


Mushroom Fruiting Bodies, Organic Cane Alcohol, and Purified Water


-Immune Support (All 3)
-Adaptogenic, supports a healthy stress response (Reishi)
-Anti-Inflammatory (Turkey Tail, Reishi)
-Gut Support (Turkey Tail)
-Hair, Skin, Nail Support (Chaga)
*See Benefits of individual products for additional*

Mycologist tips

This kit was designed with your inner defense in mind. A go to for anyone looking to bolster their health with mushroom power - these three species offer full-spectrum support for your body and immune system.


Non-Psychedelic, you’ll only be high on life.