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  • Lion’s Mane Tincture

    Brain, Nerve, & Mood Support
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    Bring your day to life with this functional mushroom extract. Add Lion’s Mane to your daily routine to discover nature’s gift to your brain.

    How to Use

    Take 1ml with included dropper either straight onto the tongue or mixed in your favorite drink 1-3x daily. Shake well. Be well.


    Lion's Mane Fruiting Body, Organic Cane Alcohol, and Purified Water


    -Supports Mental Clarity, Focus, and Memory
    -Nervous System Support
    -Mood Regulation
    -Gut Biome Support

    Mycologist tips

    Fungi Fact: Lion’s Mane has been shown to promote the production of Nerve Growth Factor, a protein complex required by the brain and nervous system to maintain and develop neurons.


    Non-Psychedelic, you’ll only be high on life.